Immediately I felt better

by rose

October 27, 2021

My last termination (I had one with my ex husband and two with my current partner) was done via mifepristone and misoprostol. I was working a rural job in April 2021, sick as a dog when I found out. The stress at the time from being verbally abused by my former family & moving to a farm changed my normally regular ovulation day, and I fell pregnant. I was further along than I had hoped to be with the shipping taking so long to get to my area. I was almost ten weeks. It took most of the day. My supportive partner laid pillows on the bathroom floor and I dealt with the contractions alone in my house. I sounded like Tarzan, that part was kind of humorous actually. The contractions were intense, I felt pretty weak but then they were over. My partner came in to check on me, and I felt better than I had the two months prior in that moment. I sat on the floor with the endorphins settling, as we were chatting I passed my gestational sac (which goes clear around this time, I caution, if you don’t want to see the pregnancy). I knew it was over at that moment and I felt like myself again. I was happy it was complete since I was in a poor situation, literally. It was freeing, it was amazing to see what my body could handle. I would have preferred the meds taken less time to arrive, but I’m definitely confident in my decision to terminate and I want the world to know, it’s okay to abort and it’s necessary health care.

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