I’m sorry

by Anonymous

August 17, 2022

To my baby,

I am sorry. I am sorry I considered it. I am sorry I went thru it. I am sorry I loved you more than life itself I couldn’t be selfish enough to bring you into this world without the knowledge of what’s next. I have loved you ever since those two lines showed, I have loved you at my first ultrasound, I have loved you when I saw you and I have prayed for you. I have wrote names down before you even happened. I am sorry I couldn’t be selfless enough and keep you. I have lost my job, but I should also lose my life. I have lost you and honestly might have lost your father. After my miscarriage you were my rainbow, he didn’t love you enough or love me enough to try. He wasn’t even remorseful. I am sorry. I will forever have this engraved in my heart. I love you.I forever would. I hope you can forgive me even if I won’t ever forgive myself. I hope you can help me heal during those hard times.

I’m sorrry princessa ( I didn’t get to hear your heartbeat or find your gender ) but to me you would always be what I hope you would have been ( kind , beautiful, patient, courageous, my little Disney princess ). Thank you for giving me joy temporarily. Thank you for giving me a reason to breathe.

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