I’m not writing this to scare any woman, but it is to share my experience.

by Anonymous

September 3, 2019

Content Warning: physically painful abortion

I know that every woman is different when it comes to something like this, but I immediately made the decision to have a surgical abortion once I found out I was pregnant. The father did not want me to have an abortion but he was not a good man and didn’t treat me right. I was mentally at peace with my decision but I was very very nervous in the coming week to my appointment. I went in to the clinic and after hours of waiting even though my appointment was at a specific time, I went into the room. The doctor came in and they began. They used a needle to numb my cervix and it was the most excruciating pain I’ve ever felt in my entire life. They then began to use the suction and that also felt so painful that I began to pass out, they broke a smelling salt stick under my nose and it woke me up. The procedure only lasted a few minutes but it was the worst few minutes of my life. The most painful few minutes of my life. I have read stories of women saying that they had little to no pain. I trust that everyone is different but my experience was very painful. Afterwards everything was fine and I healed fine as well but those few minutes during the procedure are minutes I’d never like to spend doing that again. I could never do that again. I hope that anyone else having a surgical abortion does not have the pain that I had.

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