I’m a happily married mother of 3 and I had an abortion.

by Anonymous

November 19, 2021

A week and a half ago I took a test because my period was a couple days late. I was in denial and took the test for peace of mind and instead the complete opposite happened. A second line showed up. I cried and right away scheduled an appointment at planned parenthood. I couldn’t do this again. My third pregnancy completely messed up my body and I’m still dealing with the effects from it 2 years later. I’m also already stretched thin between the 3 kids I already have. Mentally and physically I knew I couldn’t go through this again. I cried all day, every day, for a week and a half until I took the first pill yesterday. All I felt then was relief that the choice had been made. I’m currently going through the rough part right now and can’t wait for it to be over and to move on. Baby #4, I’m so sorry.

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