I’ll be a grandmother in 2021 because of my abortion in 1982

by Jennifer

November 17, 2020

Following a gynecological procedure at fifteen, doctors discovered some serious anomalies in my reproductive organs. I was told it was highly unlikely I would ever be able to get pregnant. In 1982, during my first semester at university, I got pregnant. When I told the student health doctor about my anomalies, he said, “Well, at least you know now that you can conceive.”

I arranged to have an abortion, but when I went in for it, they were unable to perform it because of my anomalies. I was referred to a nearby university teaching hospital and to a social worker who would help me obtain public assistance to pay for the procedure. Several weeks later, I had the abortion.

I never questioned my immediate decision to seek an abortion. I had great support from my newly-made friends in student housing, and I recovered very quickly. I was so fortunate to have access to on-demand abortion and financial assistance. I am also grateful to all the people I encountered in the health facilities and social services who treated me with respect, kindness, professionalism, and compassion. This is how it should be for every person who decides to have an abortion for whatever reason that motivates them.

I am also certain that if I hadn’t had the abortion in 1982, I would certainly never have ended up moving to Poland in 1989, marrying a Polish man in 1990, giving birth to two children, or being an expectant grandmother to a baby due in January 2021.

Abortion on demand is a fundamental human right.

I support #ogolnopolskistrajkkobiet and have done since it’s inception. Solidarność naszą bronią!

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