If I get the choice, everyone else should

by Anonymous

January 4, 2023

As soon as I saw those two lines I thought I was hallucinating. I took 6 tests in total and got all the same result. I asked myself “how is this possible”, when every time I get scared and check it’s negative. As a 20 year old I’m not ready to be a parent and before I decided on my decision I had so many expectations from people who just needed to mind their own business. I’ve always leaned towards abortion from the start but having others’ opinions on my decision affected me so much and the whole time I wished no one knew. I’m Australian so there are different rights here and I’m very fortunate to be living in a place that lets me make the decision I want, but other places don’t and I want to share my story even tho I’m just going through it now… but I stand for the US and all places who don’t allow women to make decisions about there bodies and it’s not fair at all. If I can make a decision about my body then everyone in the world should too!

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