I’ve always been pro-choice, but I never anticipated how much stronger that value would be for me after my struggles with infertility.

In my mid-to-late thirties, I found myself pregnant more than once with a non-viable pregnancy. Access to abortion medication not only prevented me from life-threatening infections, but it kept me from needing surgery, and allowed me to mourn my losses in the privacy of my own home with the support of my partner. I am so grateful for the access I had to health care, the doctor who supported my choices during my journey, and this organization for giving all of these experiences recognition and space to exist. I’ve never been more certain of my position to support a woman’s right to an abortion for any reason.

Government should work for the betterment of people, not against them, and anyone who believes that the government has the right to impose laws about a person’s body will find themselves on the wrong side of history. I will not stop fighting for bodily autonomy no matter the obstacles!