I wasn’t sure if I wanted it

by Anonymous

August 21, 2020

When I found out I was pregnant, I was in a loving relationship of 3 and a half years and I wanted children with this man. We both wanted children. Unfortunately when I found out I still cried for two days. We weren’t where we wanted to be. I just accepted a new job that would take me away from my newborn for long periods of time. We just got approved to buy a house but haven’t found the right one. We still wanted to do so much more traveling, and buy selfish things. I wanted a baby so badly but for some reason I didn’t want it now.

I was always pro choice but I always said if we got pregnant we’d just pull up our socks and deal with it. He brought up the abortion pill as I lied crying in bed. I already knew about it and helped friends with that option when we were younger. For some reason I knew I wouldn’t be happy going along with the pregnancy even tho I wanted children. I found this platform and I was so relieved that there were others like us. It also helped when I read that my idol Stevie Nicks also had 4 abortions. So we called the local nurse and since we’re from Canada they were extremely kind and booked us an appointment right away. We both agreed if it was past 8 weeks we’d keep it but if it was under 6 we’d chose the abortion pill. My ultrasound came and I was just over 5 weeks. Two days later I’m taking the second round of pills  at the comfort of my home. I read all the horror stories about the pills and how it would be painful. My experience was anything but that. I was in minimal pain, little bits of cramping with some bleeding and clots. Then it was all over and I felt nothing but relieved. I was lucky to have my bfs full support along the way.

The thought of it was way scarier than the whole experience. In the end I am left relieved and excited for future that we want. There’s nothing wrong with getting what you want in life.


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