I had just turned 16 when I learned I was pregnant. I was in a relationship with a 24 year old man that worked with my dad.


I knew that I was not capable of raising a child. I was drinking, and he and both of my parents were alcoholics.


My best friend’s mom had an abortion when she was very young and shared her story with me. I decided that an abortion was the best option for me.


My mom was pro-life and wanted to help me raise the baby.


I was still a baby myself, and I could feel myself sinking into a situation that I would never escape.


My dad and the father were supportive of my decision.  My mom stopped talking to me for months.


A year later, my boyfriend pissed the bed, drunk, and became angry as I was leaving the bedroom to sleep on the couch.


He shoved me. I left immediately and broke up with him.


Now I’m turning 33, finishing my M.S. degree, and my mom supports the decision I made and loves me!


Now I can be a good mother.