I was scared.. but, I know it was for the better. I’m only 23 and can’t handle two alone.

by Anonymous

July 1, 2021

I have a three year old and just had my second medical abortion… I just took the first pill and feel heart broken but, I knew mentally I couldn’t handle two. Especially alone. I raised my three year old alone. Court battles were not fun. I knew deep down I couldn’t raise another alone. It wouldn’t be fair to my three year old. The guy I had the baby with already threatened me to court and I knew I couldn’t go through that again. I know it’s hard now but, it will get easier. I take my next set of pills tomorrow. I am scared a bit because, I’m 8 weeks now. Where I was 6 weeks before and I didn’t feel pain. I’m scared to feel the pain of this one but, I know it will pass and this will be the best choice for my daughter and I. Jesus forgives and he loves you even when we doubt ourselves he will always be there every step of the way even though this decision for me was HARD. I know it will be for the better until I’m married and know I have the help. I couldn’t do two kids alone.

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