I was always told it would be VERY difficult to conceive

by Anonymous

December 4, 2019

I was always told that conceiving for me would be difficult. I had estrogen dominance, a tilted uterus, and had a bout with the mumps in college (which they told me could potentially affect my fertility). When I was diagnosed with celiac a few months ago, my doctor told me to stop using my progesterone cream because I’d finally be properly eliminating estrogen. It didn’t dawn on me that this would increase my fertility. My surprise when I saw a positive pregnancy test was both exciting shock and horror. I’m so happy that I’m finally healthy enough to conceive and carry a pregnancy but I also know we aren’t even close to being ready. There was never a question of if we were ready to do this. We certainly aren’t. But I’m now dealing with these odd emotions of at least knowing that’s it’s a possibility for my future but also knowing that this is the right choice for us. I don’t feel at all guilty for our decision and my partner has been nothing less than supportive.

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