I was 18

by Katelyn

July 1, 2019

Content Warning: sexual abuse, rape

When I was 16 I was taken advantage of by a senior in high school while at theatre rehearsal. Took me a few days to finally step up and tell the director what happened. She didn’t believe me because he was the “star pupil”. Once I graduated high school I moved to another state for college, I was four hours away from my family and friends. In my English class there was a guy whom I was drawn to and we hit it off immediately. I met his mom, spent a lot of time with him, he even came home with me to attend a family members wedding. My entire family LOVED him. In November of 2018 things took a turn for the worst. I was a virgin and was raped, I just remember saying no multiple times until I just gave up. When I found out I was pregnant I had no idea what to do. I called my mother and talked with her about the entire situation while I sobbed. We had absolutely no health insurance at the time. I paid $200 for an abortion, I had no money after that. No money for gas, food, the necessities, nothing. To this day I have ptsd due to this event. I am so grateful my family stood by my side ready to help in anyway they could. To anyone reading this, you are NOT alone! You will be okay. I know it doesn’t seem like it now but the struggle and the pain will shape you into the badass women you will become.

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