My husband and I always dreamed of having a big family. We dreamed of large thanksgiving dinners and rowdy Christmas mornings. We hadn’t always been stable though. We struggled after the birth of my son, who is now almost 3. We split up shortly after my son was 6 months and got back together when he was 2. We really wanted to make it work. We wanted to start where we stopped. We talked and talked about having another baby until FINALLY we both decided to go for it. I stopped birth control about a month and a half  ago. I found out I was pregnant last week. Right after I found out my husband was cheating on me, with multiple women. I saw myself struggling with two children this time, living paycheck to paycheck. Two children going back and forth between parents. I saw myself fighting him because he didn’t pay his child support on time. I saw myself doing it alone. I have an appointment on Saturday for a medical abortion. I feel like bringing a baby into a broken home isn’t the right thing to do. I really would love to keep the baby, but feel like this is the right decision for me and my son. My husband and I are no longer together. He didn’t even try to apologize, which only makes me feel stronger about my decision.