I understand you and I love you!

by Keya

February 13, 2017

To all the women that have make this choice of an abortion I understand you and I see you. Whether it was because of making a choice or not being able to support yourself or that little one. Did not mean you wanted to end that baby life it just shows that you are strong and you want a better life for your family when the time comes.  I never had an abortion but I do know people that have like my own mother before she even considered having now 4 beautiful women. If she would have had a kid at 14 from being raped it would have devastated her. I am proud of you for knowing what you want in life don’t ever let anyone tell you man or women say you are doing the wrong thing for your own body. Never give up you are loved I stand by you in your journey for many years to come.

Love Keya

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