I trusted him

by Anonymous

April 11, 2019

Content Warning: rape

I was a junior In high school. He was my boyfriend. It was the first time we had ever had sex… after a few minutes, I started to feel pain. A lot of pain.. I asked him to stop but he wouldn’t. I begged and begged. I had my arms between his chest and mine trying to push him off of me. Finally, when his dad banged on the door, did he stop.. my boyfriend, who I should have been able to trust, ruined my trust for years. 8 weeks later, at a normal checkup, I found out I was pregnant. Because he wouldn’t stop. I know I made the decision to have unprotected sex, but he made the decision to rape me. When my doctor told me the news, I knew immediately what I wanted to do. A week later I had an abortion. It was the most depressing feeling in the world. But afterwards, I felt relieved.. I never told anyone about the abortion or anything about my boyfriend. I had to look at him everyday at school… I never filed a report. I felt people wouldn’t believe me.

You see so many people who are pro-choice or pro-life. But you never really know where you stand until your put into that position. Having an abortion was and still is the best choice I’ve made. I had to continue to look at him for 2 years after it happened. I could barely handle that. I know I couldn’t have handled looking at that baby everyday, knowing it’s only a reminder of what happened to me.

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