I thought my life was over.

by Anonymous

August 19, 2021

I got pregnant when I was 15 years old, and I found out I was pregnant on my 16th birthday. There are so many other details, doctor’s visits, and uncomfortable conversations in between. I was too young. It was clear.

On October 24, 2017 I had an abortion. I could say it was the smartest decision I made, but it wasn’t easy. I still struggle with my choice but I know it was for the best. I really didn’t need a baby at that time in my life. I wanted so much more for myself. I wanted to LIVE more importantly. Whenever I shared my story publicly, I got so many people calling me a murderer. That’s why I still struggle today. I was young & fragile when I got the abortion and those negative words still linger. But I’m proud I had the right to choose and continue to have the right. It’s so important to have access to safe abortions. I would have a 3 year old kid right now. But instead, I’m a junior in college.

I hope my story helps anyone out if you decide to share it. I was so young and didn’t know what I was doing honestly. I was lost, and felt hopeless. I thought my life was over. Every day I wonder what my life would’ve been like, but I’m also so incredibly thankful for my younger self for making that tough decision.

I would like to just put a disclaimer that there’s still people who have babies super young and go on to be successful people, get degrees, and so on. But with my family life and other difficulties, it wouldn’t have been possible if I had a baby that young. I’m hopeful my story can reach people and it can help others. It really is a unique situation for everyone. Sometimes abortion doesn’t impact anyone, they get it done and move on. That’s PERFECTLY OK. Sometimes, like me, those memories live on for a long time. I urge people to just talk about it to someone confidentially anyways just to make sure you’re okay.

Last thing, I grew up going to the baptist church, I was baptized, and was told I should believe in God. I kind of got out of the negativity with religion and can say I’m doing perfectly fine. I’m not religious anymore.

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