I stand with planned parenthood

by Jen

January 6, 2020

I’ve had 2 medical abortions 6 years apart and both were very difficult for me to choose. Both incidences, I wasn’t in a place financially or emotionally to take on another child and I couldn’t bear the thought of putting more kids into the foster care system when there are already so many stuck in that system who never get adopted. With my first child, I almost bled out so I have dealt with the very real fear of if I got pregnant again, would I bleed out this time and die? I’m deathly afraid. Even though I would deep down love more children, I had to make the choice to save my life for my already living children.  The first medical abortion I had, the guy I was with stealthed me and purposely got me pregnant when I was very adamant about not having any more at the time, I cried for days before and after having my abortion bc it truly isn’t an easy choice to make. I was angry he tried to trap me and angry he made all these backhanded comments about my choice. At the the time, that guy wasn’t even working and was living off his dad at 24. I had just gotten out of a really abusive marriage and was a single mom . Sorry my post is all over the place.

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