After working at a clinic for over a year and helping patients day to day through their abortions, it was still a complete shock to me when I took a test because of a late period and it came back positive.

I ran out of our bathroom and immediately told my coworker who said “no f***ing way” because she knew how much I DIDN’T want kids. The next day, I was scheduled for a week out for the latest procedure we had. The week leading up to the procedure was excruciating- I had extreme nausea, cramping, and fatigue (pregnancy was really kicking my ass). When the day came, I put on my scrubs and went into work. I counseled patients, I washed instruments, and I helped patients recover from their procedures.

Before my procedure, I had little moments with each of my coworkers who told me everything was going to be okay. I held the hand of one of my closest friends during my procedure. I was surrounded by a community of bad ass people who I knew were going to take care of me.

I don’t have a traumatic abortion story. I think it’s quite inspiring and uplifting, actually. I plan to tell this story to my patients, I plan to tell this story to my loved ones, and I plan to tell this story to anyone who’s free to listen because I am proud that I made this decision. Abortion is a moral GOOD and is necessary.