I never thought I’d have one but I’m grateful

by Anonymous

December 5, 2019

Content Warning: rape

I was raped at age 16. At age 20 the same man announced a baby coming with his gf at the time. It turned out to be another man’s baby. At this time he came back into my life and I thought if I didn’t say “no” he couldn’t rape me again, plus I felt bad for him, so I willingly had intercourse with him, with the mutual understanding that he would “pull out.” He non-consensually inseminated me and refused to buy me plan B. This was his way of getting the baby he “announced.” I was being used for his selfish desires so I knew what I had to do. My abortion SAVED MY LIFE. The world would have lost, not only my unborn fetus, but me as well, if I didn’t have the medical professionals at Planned Parenthood to get me through this extremely isolating experience. The support from this page is unreal!

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