I Never Questioned What I Knew Was Right For Me

by Jordyn Close

November 10, 2018

I found out I was pregnant in 2015 when I was 18. I was in a long term relationship and was fortunate enough to just have to wait until my next paycheck to afford my procedure. I was fortunate enough to have transportation to drive the hour to the nearest city with a clinic. I was fortunate enough to have an AMAZING team of nurses and doctors who were attentive and caring. I was fortunate enough to (surprisingly) not run into any anti’s protesting the clinic on the day of my appointment. I was fortunate enough to not have the stigma of being a black woman getting an abortion cast onto me because of my light skin.

My procedure was quick and near painless. I spoke to my doctor about my favorite restaurants for the five minutes it took. In the observation room afterwards, I was SHOWERED with love from the nurses and even the other people that had had procedures that day. I went home and cuddled with my dog and my boyfriend the rest of the day. I have never, and will never, regret my choice. I knew what was right for myself and my life.

There was no obstacle that my privilege didn’t help me overcome. My story is just one example of how accessible abortion SHOULD be for everybody.

Remember that our stories are ours to tell. We’d love to hear your story too!