I made the right choice

by Katy

January 30, 2020

I was in a relationship (Very one sided, so more like a situationship) with someone I had deeper feelings for. I loved this man, but he had “trust issues” that prevented him from taking the steps I wanted to take. Before this occurred to me, we ended up mutually deciding we wanted a child together, but the more I saw of his antics, the further I was pushed away. He didn’t want to commit, yet he wanted a child, he wanted to move in together, etc. I had full support from my amazing friends and my little sister. I got an abortion and felt completely safe, liberated, and in control. Come to find out, it was the best possible decision I could have made because I went into septic shock around a week later due to him cheating and infecting me with chlamydia that went undetected until after the abortion. I was so scared, but I am so glad I had the option to not follow through and be completely unhappy in a situationship. I became extremely depressed throughout the pregnancy and the amount of relief I felt after going through with the abortion was so overwhelming, but refreshing.

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