I know you’re looking for a positive story!

by Anonymous

April 20, 2021

At the time, I was 18 years old. I already had a college degree. I had such a bright future and so many people I didn’t want to let down. But yes I had a boyfriend and I did get pregnant. When I found out, I wasn’t too shocked because I knew my body and I just knew I was pregnant. I shared this with my boyfriend and he was excited but scared. All I kept thinking was I’m too young and financially unstable to support a child! And I also had religious conflict. Not to mention my mother and sister were heartbroken and insisted that I get an abortion but the choice was mine. When I made my appointment to have a medical abortion; he cried. But he paid for it. Honestly, I was very emotional but I knew it was the best choice for me. My boyfriend and I both knew it was the best choice for us. I scared myself for two nights straight reading other people’s stories about the procedure and I could not sleep. But, my boyfriend calmed me. He took me to Planned Parenthood and I took the first pill there; and the other four the next day at home. I slept through the whole thing. I never took pain medication so I think that’s why my body took to it so well. They gave me Ibuprofen 800ml at the doctors and I had a heating pad and I barely felt anything. But you have to eat when you take pain medication! That was my mistake and I threw up about an hour after taking it. I did wake up when the fetus started to come out of me and we went to the bathroom together and he took the pad away because my body was too drained to even move (I mean I did just wake up). I stayed in the house for 3 days and he called out of work to take care of me. So I did have a lot of support. It took me 4-6 weeks to stop bleeding and I for birth control pills to regulate my period. I just couldn’t believe all those stories I read about how unbearable the pain was and I slept through it.

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