I know what kind of a man my dad is

by Anonymous

July 15, 2019

I was fifteen while George W Bush was campaigning for a second term in office. During this time politics were a regular discussion at the dinner table.  My dad was outnumbered by the women in our house and was staunchly defending W at all costs.  One day my father and I were driving somewhere having a heated debate, I’m interrogating him, “How could you possibly vote for him again?” “What if I got pregnant? What if I was raped and got pregnant? What would you do?” He said “We’d take care of it.”  I’m completely disgusted, “You and mom are going to raise my baby as your own?” He replied, “We’d take care of it.”  I looked at him very puzzled and he said, “I paid for your aunts abortions.” I thought to myself, “Both of my aunts? Just one of them? How many in total?” I didn’t ask him the details and I’ve never brought it up to him again. Doing the math, these abortions would have been post Roe.  Both of my Dad’s sisters were young, single mothers.  I thought about how scared my aunt(s) must have been and how much they must have loved and trusted my dad, their oldest brother, with their situation.  I think that shows what kind of a man my father was then and is now. He’s not indoctrinated in either political party (he also ended up voting for Obama twice) he just trusted his sister(s) decision and supported her through it because he believed that she knew what was best for herself at that moment.

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