I had an abortion 15 years ago in Wisconsin. I was 26.

I knew I would get an abortion before I even took the pregnancy test. The clinic that provided my abortion had a long list of patients waiting to be seen, and I ultimately had to wait several weeks to have the abortion. It was a very fast and simple procedure. It was painful, and then it was over. The doctor was very straightforward and focused. I saw the doctor a couple years after that at the grocery store, and I wanted to run up and hug her and thank them. After the abortion, I left the dysfunctional relationship I was in. I moved forward with my life and I had no regrets. That doctor sort of saved my life at that time. But I just kept grocery shopping. I realized they had a right to their privacy and life outside of work, and I also was acutely aware of the dangers of being an abortion provider.

It doesn’t matter why I chose to have the abortion. I knew it was the right decision then and I still know it was all these years later. I am grateful to Planned Parenthood and the doctor who took care of me. I work at a medical clinic now in Ohio, and I am in my 40s. I’m angry that abortion is not treated as a simple outpatient procedure, provided in outpatient general surgery or regular OB/GYN clinic, and covered by health insurance. It is a medical outpatient procedure, and it’s carried out by a clinical team.

I decided to have a child a couple years ago, and I had a high risk pregnancy. I spoke with a couple Ohio pro-abortion groups to ensure I found an obstetrician who would be clear and unbiased about the risks of the pregnancy for me as well as the risks for the baby. I was able to find an OB I trusted, so I could make fully informed decisions about my healthcare through the pregnancy. I have a young daughter now. It was a difficult pregnancy, and there were several times I considered abortion. I thought about how far along I was,  whether I would need to travel out of state, how long I might have to wait to get an abortion if I needed one, how much it might cost, and how the very act of traveling out of state was dangerous for me due to my medical state. I talked with doctors I trusted and made decisions based on the information we had.

I thank both my OB and my abortion provider for my current life and my child, they were equally instrumental. I have never regretted my abortion, and when I think about it, I have strong feelings of gratitude. Abortion, for anyone, for any reason, forever. Abortion is healthcare.