I honestly felt relieved after my surgical abortion

by Anonymous

July 5, 2019

I actually had my procedure done a few hours ago. My story isn’t really sad lol but it was more of a very big lesson. I’m only 17, when I found out I knew I was already pregnant and I had just got done with my 11th grade year and my boyfriend (at the time) had just graduated. At first I was super scared to tell my mom but my ex had supported me and we had already knew if I was that I was gonna get an abortion. When I found out I made an appointment at planned parenthood for a medical abortion (the pill) and made sure my mom wouldn’t know. I ended up telling her soon enough maybe a week or 2 and by then me and my ex decided we wanted to keep it. Fast forward and maybe 2 more or 3 weeks go by and I decide that I wanted an abortion. My ex wasn’t a big factor in that but it was more so about my wellbeing and personal reasons. A week later me and him stopped conversing, I was over his growing ignorance that seemed to come about after I decided to have my procedure. He wasn’t ignorant about it but just ignorant towards me.

I call and make my appointment. All I was worried about after that was the pain I would feel. I called and got everything together and it turned out to be $490. All up until today I was searching around to find abortion stories, I was honestly anxious about what I would go through. I decided to get the conscious sedation through iv, but in all honesty I wanted to be put to sleep. When I woke up today and went, the longest part was getting everything together. I peed when I went in and paid, got an ultrasound. And no this is not planned parenthood, but a local hospital branch that had reproductive services. And everything and everyone was very pleasant and friendly. I was 8 weeks along and I didn’t want to see anything, so after the ultrasound I just had the quick “therapy” session and got some blood work done and almost fell asleep by the time I was called back. I went pee first then went to the room and got undressed. Also, I got an antibiotic before this. I lay on the bed and they began to check my vitals and take my blood pressure. My mom was allowed to sit beside me through this whole thing too. They inserted the iv, which was the most painful part to be honest. They began to give me a drug like xanax through it and a painkiller. In about a minute or so I began feeling pretty high, that’s the best way I can describe it. During the whole thing I honestly couldn’t tell it was happening. I was calm but still aware, and the only thing I felt was a speculum or something going in and out gently and they just told me to breathe and she told me she was about to scrape it at the end with a tool and I felt that but honestly it didn’t hurt not one bit not even uncomfortable. Afterwards the nurse got me dressed, put a pad on me, and they wheeled me out to the recovery room. I got crackers and water, I barely had any cramping. The most difficult thing to deal with was nausea. Honestly I was scared for no reason. I felt a huge sense of relief when I was done and I felt happy.

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