Six months ago, I had an abortion. I was in a dangerous situation with an abusive man. I  woke up one morning and had a feeling. I took a box of pregnancy tests at work because I was afraid to do them at home. When I saw it was positive, the first thought that entered my mind wasn’t “should I get an abortion” it was “how am I going to get an abortion.”

I live deep in the south, so to say my options were limited is unfortunately an understatement. I knew one woman a little older than me that I trusted who was pro-choice. She helped me do the research and get me where I needed to be. I am grateful that I had resources that allowed me to do what needed to be done to get an abortion. It pains me to think of how many people won’t get that. I think about it a lot. What could have happened, and how my life could have changed. When negative thoughts pop into my mind, I think about how if I had a daughter in that situation, I would have told her to get an abortion, too.

I have never regretted my decision. I am grateful to be able to continue in my grad program, and hope to use it to protect what I believe is the constitutional right to bodily autonomy. I hope the right is given back to us, and that I feel the freedom to share this story without fear of repercussions one day.