I have had two abortions.

by Anonymous

March 25, 2022

My partner and I are very cautious when it comes to sex. But nothing is 100% effective. At the time of my first abortion I had no idea how it happened. But getting the abortion was not anything I was ashamed to share at all. I was confident in my choice and vocalized my experience with many people around me. I don’t think it should be a stigmatized thing. Then I had an experience when the condom broke, I took plan B almost immediately after and considered it to be dealt with. I noticed my period was starting to be suspiciously late and took a test to find out I was pregnant again. I was absolutely crushed. Only my partner knows about my second abortion and I feel so ashamed and guilt, something I never felt with my first one. It has been hard dealing with it and sex has become almost a triggering activity for me.

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