I Have Had Three

by Anonymous

September 14, 2021

That’s right. I have had 3 abortions. The first one happened right after college and I was devastated and disappointed in myself. I took the at home abortion pill and I bled for 3 weeks and could only bring myself to tell my sisters. I felt very alone because my shame was so big. The second happened when I was 31 and I had just started dating someone new. I was sad and anxious and fearful of his judgement, which he did not have. He nearly brushed it off. The third one happened just a year later. My new boyfriend had dumped me on a Monday, chose my boss over me. In turn, I quit my job that same day. 2 losses, bearable. That Wednesday, I found out I was pregnant. My therapist sent me a number for a self help line. A little less bearable, I suppose. Yes, each of these abortions were traumatic. However, not once did I entertain having a baby. Sometimes I think about how old they would be now, but not much more. Those 3 abortions were not difficult decisions for me. I have also yet to encounter someone that doesn’t sit with me while I open up and talk about it. To anyone feeling alone, like I did during my first abortion, you are not! You have me. You have SYA. You have THOUSANDS of people in your corner.

I also live in Texas and had my last abortion in Texas – I work with a women’s group in Houston that I am happy to connect you with, if you would like. I’ll Have What She’s Having. They provide funding for women trying to get abortions, for covering legal fees & to bring awareness to the community and organizations to donate to and learn from.


To the woman that I judged in high school for having 2 abortions, I am so sorry. I hope you are happy and enjoying your life.

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