I have always known that I don’t want to be a mother

by Kay

February 9, 2021

My family always told me that when I met the right guy I would want to settle down and have children, but at 25 when a pregnancy test came back positive two months before my wedding, I knew that I wanted an abortion. I started looking for clinics immediately and booked my appointment. When the day came I was anxious, but so ready. We drove nearly three hours to the clinic, when we arrived I was given something to calm my nerves. The procedure itself only lasted a few minutes, it was uncomfortable but bearable. Overall it was a positive experience for me. In the recovery room I remember feeling thankful that I had the choice to have an abortion, and relief that it was finally over. It has been over five years now and I’ve had my tubes removed since then. My husband and I still talk about it sometimes and always agree that both the abortion and tubal ligation were the right choices for us.

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