I had multiple abortions and don’t regret them

by Debbie

July 12, 2022

As a teenager with ADHD I was dangerously impulsive, which sometimes meant unsafe sex. In the 80s no one really talked about abortions amongst my teenage peers, but we knew they were happening. When I found out I was pregnant the first time I was still in high school, and my only fear was finding a place to end the pregnancy without my parents finding out. Luckily we lived in a place where an underage teenager could get an abortion without parental consent. I found a Planned Parenthood in the Yellow Pages, made an appointment, went in, the clinic staff was kind, the nurse held my hand, and it was done. No regrets, just relief that I could still be a kid. And now, 35 years later, I have 2 adult children I was ready for, and I am so grateful that I could safely and legally terminate pregnancies I didn’t want.

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