I had an abortion on my 20th birthday

by Anonymous

August 10, 2020

When I was 19 I was in a sexual relationship with a man who was 32 at the time. I was on my parents’ health insurance, and my step dad got a new job, which meant we were switching insurance companies. Due to the switch there was a month long lapse in my coverage, so my monthly birth control went up to $50, which I could not afford, so I opted to skip that month. I had had irregular periods for the previous few years so I didn’t think anything of it when I missed a period, despite my friends voicing their concern. One day, 8 weeks later, I decided to take a test. When it came back positive I was floored, as I have always been steadfast in choosing to not want children. I knew immediately what my decision would be, but I was still upset. I blamed myself for making small mistakes that led to being faced with this decision that I felt I would be judged for.

The following day I called and made an appointment with planned parenthood. I went to that appointment on my own, and they brought me into the room and told me that I had to read all of the pamphlets explaining why abortion was wrong, and then made me get a vaginal ultrasound despite my telling them I did not want to. Then they told me I was too far along to have a medical abortion, and refused my care. But I was determined, so I made an appointment with a health clinic that provided medical abortions up to 9 weeks, but would not be covered by my health insurance. Two days later I drove the two and a half hours with my best friend by my side to take the first round of medication, and then again two days later for the second round, which happened to fall on my 20th birthday. My best friend sat with me while I cried and bled, and she put cool towels on my forehead. As harrowing as the experience was, I do not hold a single regret for my decision.

Six months later I got an IUD, and two years later I was able to be there to walk my little sister through her experience with abortion. I am thankful every day for it, because I had the chance to create the life that I wanted to live, and I was given the chance to be there for someone I love in a way that she would not have had access to had I not shared that experience. My abortion saved my life, and I like to think it helped to make my sisters’ life a little easier as well.

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