I had an abortion at 14

by Liona

April 17, 2020

Content Warning: rape, physical abuse

This is the first time I write or openly talk about my abortion. It was 10 years ago. My first relationship was with a guy who abused me physically and psychologically and forced me to have sexual relations. I got pregnant at 14 years old without knowing what “sex” really meant. I had to tell my parents in order to have an abortion, it took me about 2 months so it was late to take any abortion pills. I had a surgical abortion which really traumatizes me because I was so young that I couldn’t even understand what was happening around me. But the big problem was the acceptance in my family. We would never talk about this at home and every time we talk, everyone starts to cry. Without trying it, they taught me how much shame I should feel every day. Now, 10 years later I’m trying to start a movement like yours in Spanish language called #abortoavoces to help me and everyone in my situation who had a teen pregnancy and be able to accept this experience. Thanks for your work and support.

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