I had an abortion and I’m not afraid to say it

by Alyssia

November 22, 2019

I’m 19 and at the end of September I found out I was pregnant. I took 6 tests and they all came back positive, I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact I was pregnant. I love kids and my husband and I knew one day we wanted a family but I also knew right away I couldn’t have this baby. I struggle with depression and anxiety and I wouldn’t have been able to take care of myself or the baby properly while carrying and after. My husband and I are still settling in our home in Virginia all our family lives in California and he would be on deployment most of the pregnancy and during the birth.

I looked up abortion stories and why people decide to have them. It’s then I realized only I can make this decision and all of my reasons for it will never be invalid. I was scared to tell my family about being pregnant let alone having an abortion. It was like the word abortion was poison. I wanted to keep it on the down low because a small part of me believed I should be ashamed. But everyone at the Planned Parenthood was so open and caring and being able to read all these stories and a few other pages made me realize how strong we all are to be able to decide what is best for us and our bodies and life.

Though it’s been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster I don’t regret my decision. For the people who shamed me as I walked to my appointment, or the nurses who tried to scare me out of having an abortion at my ultrasound, and people who said they were disappointed in my decision look at me thriving and living. For my family and friends who stood by me and supported me to everyone at the Planned Parenthood, thank you for being there for me. And thank you to all of you for being so open and strong it really makes all the difference. I was so unaware of the stigma surrounding abortion and I’m ready to help fight it. And I’m very lucky to have been able to have a safe and legal abortion. Something that everyone should have access to.

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