In 2018, my then boyfriend now husband and I got pregnant. We had only started just living with each other, both living paycheck to paycheck. He was super supportive and said “it’s your body, I will be here to support whatever decision you want to make.” Back then I didn’t understand his statement because it was a decision that would affect both of us, but now I truly appreciate his words and letting it be a decision based on what my body would go through. Although we were taking steps to advance our relationship, we didn’t know where we would end up.


I knew right away I wanted to have an abortion because the timing just wasn’t right – we were not in a place financially, emotionally, or mentally to give the love and support we both want to provide to a family. Maybe we could have made it work, but would have struggled and brought up a child through some hard times.


Fast forward five years, we are now a few weeks away from having our first child. I have no regrets having the abortion, and we both are very much looking forward to becoming parents at this time in our lives.