I got pregnant at 13

by Alyssa

January 12, 2021

I had just turned 13 when I got pregnant with my boyfriend and he was 16 at the time I was homeschooled he went to public school I was completely petrified when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do and I got my sister to tell my mom. She was really supportive and we went to the hospital to test me again and sure enough I was pregnant, 2-4 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend was scared as well.

When we made a doctors appointment for me I was given the options of adoption or keeping the baby or abortion, medical or surgical. I went home later that day and decided it wouldn’t be the best decision to keep it  so I went with a medical abortion I was so scared and felt so guilty for all of this I was so scared and I became severely depressed for an entire year after that, I’m somewhat over it now.

My dad didn’t know about it till one day my boyfriend’s mom told him and that’s when the depression really hit. He’s a catholic and he doesn’t agree with that stuff so he would yell at me and say I’m going to hell for murdering an innocent baby and still to this day does, and I’m now 16.

Having an abortion is something I’ll never forget but I’m so glad we have those options. I wasn’t ready to be a mom and I found out during my abortion I would’ve lost my baby anyway because I was 0- and they gave me this shot for when I got pregnant in the future my baby will be safe. It was a scary and emotional experience and I support any girl that gets one. Everyone in my town looks down on me for it but I’m happy with my choice because I wasn’t ready and I couldn’t have given that baby the life it deserved.

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