I found out that I’m pregnant today

by Anonymous

November 9, 2020

Content Warning: physical abuse

Today has been  a very emotional day to say the least.

I finally took a pregnancy test (before work, bad idea.) I’ve been late for about 10 days. the first test was from the dollar store so I figured it might be off. I cried instantly after I read the results  Positive. I have always had a strange fear of pregnancy. The second test I took a friend brought to me at work. Instant clear blue lines. I am pregnant. I’m almost positive it’s my ex’s who’ve I’ve been intimate with who is facing jail time for bruising my ribs etc.  in July.  That’s another complicated story in which I won’t get into. I scheduled an abortion for next Friday. I felt instantly calm once I booked it. I feel unsure of my choice at the same time, like what if it’s meant to be? I don’t want to spent my life regretting the choice to have a child with someone so unstable and  who couldn’t take care of his last son and baby ma who also have an order of protection against him. I’m 80% sure I’m going to go through with it. I agree with the other women who have had the courage to share their stories. This is a very isolating strange feeling .

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