I found out on my birthday

by briana

November 10, 2020

I found out I was pregnant on my birthday and in the same month I thought I had a miscarriage. My college friends were with me and supported me. The lack of information and discussion on miscarriages led me to believe I was no longer pregnant. My pregnancy symptoms subsided and 4 months later I took another test. For months I felt like I was dying, throwing up everyday and more but the pregnancy tests were coming back negative so I had to carry on with life. My partner knew it was my decision to make and I knew I wanted an abortion. I was too scared to ask anybody besides my partner for help because many people make abortion seem like something it is not (“bad”), so we went to our local planned parenthood and the experience there was amazing. The people who work at planned parenthood felt like family and helped me out financially. Abortion was accessible and affordable in my town and I wish for that to be the norm in every town. I never regretted my decision and I felt immediate relief. I am now a A+ student with an amazing life that I’m so grateful for. Abortion gave me a chance to live the life I wanted and that is a choice every person should be able to have.

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