I finally decided to take my own choice

by Anonymous

April 13, 2022

I found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks and couldn’t have been more upset and depressed. Despite these feelings which I voiced to my partner he was very verbal in letting me know that abortion was out of the question due to our religion and he will do everything he could to support me. He had done this with our other 2 children and pressured me into keeping them many years before, and after having a c-section with last pregnancy and losing so much blood and almost dying I couldn’t bear to go through it again. After weeks of continuing with the pregnancy going to see doctors, scans and telling family and friends I fell deeper into depression. I ultimately decided to get an abortion at 12 weeks and told everyone I had a miscarriage besides my mum who 100% supported my decision. I felt an immense sense of guilt for a few months with keeping this from my partner, but I know it’s my mental health and body and I feel more empowered than ever that I can be and here for my other 2 children.

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