I felt instant relief after my abortion and no regret!

by Mom, wife, nurse

February 8, 2022

My birth control failed. I took it everyday, at the same time. Geesh, I even had a Tile Tracker device in mine incase it got lost in my purse or on my counter. By the time I found out I was pregnant I was 9 weeks 5 days. I was in disbelief and shock. I have two kids and two older stepsons, a family of four kids already – ages 14,12,7, and 2. Happily married. However, we still knew it was the right choice for us both. Our toddler is already using our room and we are using a pull out couch until additions are added on to our home. We already spread ourselves so thin between work, dinner, cleaning, and four kids. Not to mention trying to have a social life for play groups etc. I already dreamed of “in 16 years” when my 2 year old is grown, how my husband and I will get to enjoy our second half of our lives. So I called planned parenthood. I took my first pill Friday, and 24 hours later I started the second dose. I was 10 weeks 1 day at this point. I labored at home and it was more intense than some of the stories I read but pain tolerance is different for everyone and a lot of the stories I read were 4-7 weeks – Still, wasn’t that bad. I was eager to finish it and move on. I passed the pregnancy at 4:48pm and the placenta at 8pm. I held the sweet innocent fetus. Said sorry. And went to be with my family. Afterwards I thought I’d be torn up, emotion, sad, crying however I was not. I instantly wanted to rejoin my family after not wanting to speak to anyone since finding out I was pregnant. I was extremely relieved. Relieved to be no longer pregnant, relieved to be SAFE. I instantly thought of the women before me who didn’t have this luxury of safe and effective abortions. I’ve been nothing but happy since then. And I wanted to share to shout your abortion because I am so relieved and thankful.

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