I do not regret my abortion.

by Julia

July 26, 2019

I got pregnant at 19 years old with my boyfriend (of only 6 months at the time) we weighed our options heavily. I spoke to my best friends mom who had an abortion when she was 16. Spoke to my mom who had never had an abortion, spoke to anti choice people, pro choice people, and listened to many opinions of people I respect and love.  We ultimately came to the decision that we would get an abortion. There were so many reasons why we came to this decision, (we had no money, we didn’t have a place of our own, we were still going to school and working full time, etc.) but also, because we were young, immature and simply did not want a baby.

At first afterwards I was confused because society and anti choice people, make women feel horrible, guilty and so ashamed for getting abortions. Anti choicers are currently trying to get rid of abortion access, even make it illegal, and have already done so in some places. I would be in a dark, depressed and stressful life if I didn’t my have reproductive freedom.

I am still with my boyfriend 5 years later and we are still comfortable and content with our decision to have an abortion. We are also so grateful that we were able to afford an abortion, that it was convenient for us, and that we had some support from friends and family. Others are not so lucky.


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