I do not regret a DAMN THING! My surgical abortion story to put your worrying mind at ease


October 4, 2019

I’m 25yrs old and I wanted to share my story with women who are scared of going through with an abortion.



About 3 weeks ago from this date I found out I was pregnant, I knew something wasn’t right when my usual case of acid reflux/ gerd WOULD not go away on top of me not being able to eat anything! I started to become tired, the tiredness hit me so hard. No matter how early I went to sleep I still woke up tired.  I would wake up every morning feeling like my esophagus was dry and something was stuck in my stomach and that sensation would not go away until I sat up straight. After a week of crying to my parents and partner about my “acid reflux/gerd” symptoms I finally went to the hospital. I was there from 8-1am, I had blood work and urine samples done along with a shot of mylanta to calm my acid reflux.  After waiting for my results the doctor came back and told me I was 6 weeks and 3 days.  I immediately had an outta body experience. I already knew what my decision was…ABORTION!


I’m 25yrs old and my partner is 36yrs old, we have dated on and off for almost 3yrs and the relationship was a hot mess.  Even though he is 36yrs old he was very immature, didn’t have anything in his name, no real job, and stayed on a blowup mattress in his dads house. The only thing he cared about was sex and weed… Nothing else! He already had a previous child that he claims he loves but refuses to take care of.  He was a constant liar, manipulative, and abusive. After talks with his parents they showed to me that they were tired of him and had no real hope for him. I knew that bringing a child into this world I would have to handle this load on my own and I was not mentally and financially stable and ready for a baby. Even though he showed he wanted a baby and knew I was pregnant, when confirmed by hospital he stopped calling, called me annoying, and blocked me.



I live in Miami and had my procedure done at a small little clinic in a city called Hialeah. I had my procedure done yesterday and I was 9 weeks at the time.  I decided to go for the surgical abortion which was $280. I got up early and went by myself due to the fact the the father (even though he agreed the day before to take me) flaked on me (went to his dads house for 20 mins contacting family to find him but nobody could find him due to the fact that his phone was on DND). When I arrived I was nervous AF! I heard a girl in the other side crying and vomiting, not because of the procedure but because her morning sickness was bad during her pregnancy. After waiting 25 mins they called me back and I filled out paperwork and went in the bathroom to change into the gown. When I came out a little Spanish woman clapped her hands at me and spoke in Spanish basically to hurry up because the doctor had been called back to the hospital for high risk delivery. They rushed me to sit in the table and the doctor literally shoved the trans-vaginal ultrasound in me. From there I was furious, I immediately started to stand my ground and tell them that they WERE not going to rush me, than I turned and pointed to the doc. And told him he knew got damn well he was not supposed to do that.  Feeling guilty he stated that I wanted to argue and left. The nurses apologized and from then on out was very very patient with me.  I waited 2 hr and the doc. finally came back and It was time! They laid me down and strapped my legs in and consoled me,  she stuck the iv in my arm and I was knocked out instantly! It was so quick,  when I woke up I was in a recliner chair with a heating pad over my stomach, I immediately had cramps but nothing out of the normal period cramps,  I also instantly started crying….not because of pain but because I didn’t know WTF just happened. I requested to go to the restroom and felt something unusual in my “birth canal” delusional,  I took out what was a gauze. And started dripping blood.  I asked for a pad and went back to the recliner chair to rest for another hr. After the extra 1hr it was time for me to go and my parents picked me up. When I walked out I was not cramping at all… Everything was fine.  They prescribed me 4 medications,  2 antibiotics, pain reliever, and stomach protectors.


Don’t feel bad about your choice and it’s not for anybody else to understand but you! If you not too far along I would opt for surgical…. I did not feel a thing and it’s quick and easy also what ace you decide to go to make sure they are not rushing you… I DON’T CARE IF YOU PAID $50 for the procedure, you let them know how you feel and they need to respect it. I do not regret my decision and I am happy that I am finally able to eat and get out the house.


Sn: sorry for the long story 😅

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