I didn’t want to carry a pregnancy, so I didn’t. End of story.

by Brittany

October 22, 2021

One of my best friends in my young adult lifetime was a very indoctrinated catholic person. I told her all thru my late teens that if I ever got pregnant I wouldn’t hesitate to have an abortion. They were absolutely appalled by my choice and it was always a point of contention in our discussion around reproductive topics.

They don’t even know (also no one does), but I had an abortion at 23, when I was surviving the trauma of losing my brother, my grandpa, and my 2 best friends within 2 years. I barely remember most of that time, but I remember this…

I wanted an abortion, so I had an abortion. That was it. I did not want to be pregnant, carry a pregnancy to term, or do any of it. So I didn’t.

And that’s all that matters. That’s the point.

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