I was 20 years old and I fell pregnant to the man I was dating. I wanted to keep my baby but he told me to stop being so emotional and think more logically about it. I was stuck because each decision felt so permanent. In the end, I didn’t feel safe keeping it as he “jokingly” pretended to punch my stomach multiple times.

He supported me all the way to the clinic. Then, as soon as I had the abortion, I saw the real him and lets just say ,I am so glad I didn’t have a child with that man.

Although I was very sad for a long time, it took me three years to get past it, this year is the first I didn’t even think about its due date and didn’t feel guilty about not remembering.

No woman should be pressured into a decision to keep or abort their baby but an evil man would still be in my life today if I hadn’t of “thought logically”.