I didn’t want an abortion…but I didn’t want a baby either

by Anonymous

November 19, 2021

I decided to get an abortion after finding out I was 6 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t excited or overwhelmed joyed when I saw those blue lines, I was scared. Last month my obgyn told me I wouldn’t have kids without IVF. Last week I found out I was pregnant….yesterday I got an abortion. It was traumatic. They gave me a mild sedative that didn’t work and the pain was something I never imagined. I cried….a lot. Do I regret my decision, no. I didn’t think I could wait another week for a full sedation appointment and just wanted it to be done with.  To feel relief and sadness is confusing sometimes. My partner and I cried in the parking lot after. Know what you can handle. A few days longer for peace of mind is priceless

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