I didn’t want a child, and that’s okay too.

by Anonymous

October 7, 2021

At 37, I had an abortion. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer at 30, and down a fallopian tube, doctors said it wasn’t possible for me to get pregnant. Once you’ve had reproductive cancer it’s not medically recommended that you take any hormonal medications, birth control included. But there I was. 37, married to an amazing partner and no interest in being a mother. My decision to not have kids wasn’t determined when I had cancer, it was determined when I realized my family genetics of mental health illness and addiction, and overall poor health had already been enough trauma for me to navigate let alone bringing a child into the world, with the same genes. I’ve told very few people as I’ve felt ashamed. I felt mad at myself that I didn’t do enough to prevent it. Abortion is healthcare. And it’s my body, my life and is my choice.

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