I did right by my son and myself.

by Anonymous

January 7, 2022

I was 21, just about to turn 22. I already had a son that was turning 2 in five months. I didn’t have a home (living with my mother) my job didn’t cover my bills half the time and I had just taken a car out on finance in desperation. The car was trash and I got conned, so the stress was real. I got pregnant late November, and pretty much knew me and my then-partner fucked up when he finished during my ovulation which I always avoided prior. It was a stupid mistake, but one obviously made by thousands of people everyday.

I waited until I missed my period before I took a test that showed a strong positive straight away. I was reluctant but I knew what I had to do for myself and my son. I contacted my local doctors who referred me to a clinic. This clinic was an absolute safe haven. Just women worked there and they were all equally so, so lovely. I cried during my counseling session and the counsellor just took my hand and said I had nothing to feel bad for. I had my scan and they confirmed I was nearly 8 weeks (2 days off). I was given a pretty straightforward form and then a pill by another just wonderful nurse. I got sent home with pessaries to flush everything out. It was painful but nothing a woman who had periods couldn’t handle. Just very annoying cramps. Once everything came out it was like nothing happened. I had usual period-like bleeding afterwards but no other cramps once it was cleared. I felt a bit bad after and the year anniversary was tough.

I’m 24 now however and I’m in university with a great job, childcare, money and a car that works! My son is happy, but very needy being that he’s in the process of being diagnosed with ADHD etc. I’m not with his father anymore but afterwards I went on the pill. We’re not with each other anymore, but when we were we never made the same mistake twice. I did what I had to do for us. I made a strong decision and afterwards I flourished. Sometimes it’s just not your time to have a baby, or another baby and that’s okay! I’ve become more in touch with god and I believe whatever’s above understands my decision and is proud of my accomplishments and strength. I tell people of my story including my family. I no longer worry about people’s opinions or thoughts. I study Biomedical Science in university and see little preserved embryos all the time. I think it’s fascinating that the body can grow a fetus but I acknowledge that it’s just science and chance. And the result isn’t always what you want. If you have an opportunity to change the outcome when you need it, then do so.

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