I couldn’t have survived it

by Katie

November 12, 2020

My name is Katie Ellis from Athens Alabama, I got pregnant at 18 and I’m now 24. I got my gallbladder taken out at 14 and when I first had symptoms of pregnancy I was throwing up everything I ate, sick as a dog and I couldn’t have survived the pregnancy. I had to go to Birmingham or Nashville one to get my abortion. Luckily I was in the early stages of pregnancy so it wasn’t much to “get out”. I would have been able to go to the city right beside mine but a few years before I had my abortion a doctor that preformed abortions at the clinic in the city next to me got shot and killed walking out of the clinic she worked at. People need to realize that women don’t always get abortions because they don’t want the kid… it’s most of the time because they can’t have the kid.

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