I could have missed out on becoming me

by Sarah

February 11, 2019

When I was 25 I became pregnant with my boyfriend who had just moved in. We were shocked, I made him go to the bodega for another test. Once it was confirmed we immediately decided to terminate. It wasn’t a hard decision, but there was some shame in the accidental pregnancy. We were so lucky to live in New York at the time. I found out I was pregnant on a Sunday, and was able to go to planned parenthood the following morning where I took the abortion pill. I’m always so grateful I was able to terminate my pregnancy so quickly, and with the grace and kindness that planned parenthood gave. I still think about my abortion on a regular basis. I’ve never regretted it, just sometimes lament that as women we have to make these decisions. It’s not easy being a woman. I still hope to have children one day, but when I’m ready, and when I’ve found the person I’m meant to raise children with. I’m a big advocate now, after having my own abortion. I just think about all the adventures I would have missed out on. I would have missed out on becoming the person I am now, which would have been a huge loss.

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