I changed my mind

by Vignette

May 4, 2020

Content Warning: rape

I always acted like being pro-choice would’ve been the only right thing for me, but it wasn’t always like this. I have been anti-choice for a very long time until I experienced something horrible.

I was 14, when my mother got pregnant again. We were struggling with financial problems (after my father died) for a long time already and my mother has been raped.

I knew she was pregnant but she didn’t tell me in the first place, I found a pregnancy test in our trash.

However, I experienced how she got depressed, the rest of my family was very, very catholic and were totally against abortion and sent her to the local pregnancy center. The people there were also pro-life and they put my mother under such pressure, she cried when she got home. That was the moment she told me that she was pregnant and it was also the moment where I realized how horrible this pregnancy was for her.

I told her that I’m there for her, no matter what she will do and she had her abortion two weeks after this.

I started doing some research because I have been pro-life (or better: anti-choice) for a reason: I thought that a fetus was a human being. I was convinced by a very nice pro-choicer at Instagram, giving me articles from the WHO and the ASRM and it completely changed my mind.


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