I Am Grateful For My Abortions But I Am Scared Of the Future

by Bernadette

November 23, 2020

I have always supported abortion ever since I understood what it meant, but I had always believed it would never happen to me. I was wrong. I’ve had two abortions – once at 19 and once at 23, with two different men with whom I thought I was in love – one was verbally/emotionally abusive while the other was emotionally neglectful. I faced both of them alone and I felt as though I was damaged goods at the time. Now, I just feel relief and gratefulness that I was able to choose. But I also feel trauma. Not because it happened, but because I know that there are people out there who believe I did not have the right to make those choices, that I am evil, that I should be persecuted or even sentenced to death. I still to this day do not admit that I’ve had two abortions, only one, if I admit to it at all. This is because I am scared that I will be judged and blamed, and due to the fear of what’s to come in the future as far as the legality of it all. I hope one day that no woman will ever fear the consequences of or be stopped from having an abortion in any part of the world.

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